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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogocide (sort of)

It's been almost six months since I set up this blog, and in that time topics have veered wildly from my search for a christmas tree to copyright to books I have read and films I have seen. It's been a useful period. One thing I have realised is that I don't want to be blogging constantly on law, as (let's face it) I'm doing this during my own time, and I don't need to be bringing work home. On the other hand, I'm still enthusiastic about writing about the books I am reading and my new eBook reader.

So, to the title of this post - I have decided that this blog in future will be exclusively about books, publishing, and the written word in general. That means I'll be deleting the non-related posts (yes, including the Christmas tree one).

Currently I'm reading a fascinating biography of Marie Curie - I'll post a review once I'm done. Ruth Park, a great Australian author, died late last year and I'd like to post a tribute to her as well.

Thanks for your patience while I worked out where this blog was going!

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